Meet the Ladies

LauraLaura is currently completing an MFA in Book Arts at the University of Iowa where she is taking up letterpress printing, calligraphy, and bookbinding.   Her interests constellate around poetry, women writers, and Victorian and modernist literature — and children’s books, more recently, as she tries to keep story-hungry toddlers satisfied.  Laura also blogs at




Jessica is an English Professor of nineteenth-century literature whose interest in historical book structures — which she studied at Iowa’s Center for the Book — formed her research on how the book itself affects interpretation. Now Jessica studies texts (especially historical ones) that have been re-edited for online environments, editing her own digital edition of the many reprints of Susan Warner’s nineteenth-century novel, The Wide, Wide World. Jessica loves local food culture (really all food culture and all food).  She gardens, cans, and sits on her local farmers’ market board.


StacyStacy is an English professor at a liberal arts school in the Midwest and has a wide range of nerdy teaching interests including Frankenstein book covers, Shakespeare and Pop Culture, and South Asian literature.  She runs, knits, and cooks when she’s not grading papers.




Kate is an English professor at a state college somewhere in the middle of the U.S. Aside from teaching nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and World literature, she also coordinates the Women and Gender Studies program. When she’s not reading for work, she’s reading for fun – YA fiction, fantasy novels, steampunk, and everything in between. She and her philosopher husband are seasoned road-trippers, spending their summers visiting family members far and wide.


ann Ann is an English professor at a liberal arts college in the Midwest. Her academic interests include Shakespeare & early modern theater, contemporary theater performance, book and textual studies, trauma studies, and adaptation. For fun, she makes crafts, cooks, and runs, and most of the time she does these things for, with, or in pursuit of her two-year-old son.




Lynne has an MFA in nonfiction writing and a PhD in English and is the managing editor of a literary magazine. Her interests include contemporary essays and memoir; Victorian and Modernist novels; her own adventures in balancing a job, parenting, and creativity; and the gender issues that pertain to all of the above.