Book-y Things

Like two other of my fellow Lettered Ladies, my research and teaching interests involve many aspects of Book Studies and Book Arts – publication history and medium, issues of authorship and readership, even variant book covers and title pages.  My students know me as the professor interested in “book-y things” (my own sophisticated, academic term).

Thankfully, there are products out there to satisfy my desire to show the world what I’m interested in (and also my desire to browse the Internet instead of grading papers).  Here are two of my favorite “book-themed” companies – I apologize in advance for the work you won’t get done as you spend hours looking through them…

Litographs:  Images from lots of your favorite (or maybe not favorite) books on t-shirts, bags, and posters.  Bonus points for partnering with the International Book Bank with each purchase.

Out of Print Clothing:  My favorite site for Christmas presents for the past two years.  Also a great organization that gives back through donations to Books for Africa.